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The Most Expensive Streets In London

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Towards the end of 2013, house prices in London had risen twice as fast as those in the rest of the United Kingdom. So it’s no surprise that the top ten most expensive streets in England and Wales are all in London.

The majority of pricey properties in the capital can be found in the borough of Kensington and Chelsea where six of the most expensive streets are located.

We as a Chelsea estate agent have highlighted the top ten most expensive streets in London, in order of value.

1. Egerton Crescent, Kensington & Chelsea

Top of the pile is Egerton Crescent where the average property is valued at £7.37 million, which is 42 times more expensive than the average UK house. Most properties on the street are white stucco-fronted terraced Georgian homes.

2. The Bishops Avenue, Hampstead

A favourite with the uber-rich, The Bishops Avenue has an average house price of £6.2 million. The road connects the north of Hampstead Heath with East Finchley and has a variety of different house styles with many detached properties

3. Cadogan Square, Kensington & Chelsea

One of the most desirable addresses in London, Cadogan Square runs around a garden, which is restricted to residents only, and consists of smart red-bricked houses. Most of the houses have been converted into flats or apartments, which sell for an average of £5.75 million.

4. Prince Consort Road, Kensington & Chelsea

Named for Prince Albert, consort to Queen Victoria, Prince Consort Road is in South Kensington. Residential owners share their address with prestigious names such as the Royal Albert Hall, which helps give the road an average property value of £5.5 million.

5. Drayton Gardens, Kensington & Chelsea

Set on a sleepy road in South Kensington, residents of Drayton Gardens enjoy a street of leafy freshness just a few minutes from the hustle and bustle of Chelsea. But their charmed life doesn’t come cheaply, with an average property price of £5.23 million.

6. Parkside, Wimbledon, Greater London

Wimbledon’s Parkside, which runs alongside Wimbledon Common, was once the most expensive street in the UK. With an average price of £5.21 million, this area has a glamorous reputation and attracts the super-rich from across the world.

7. St James’s Place, Westminster

Located close to Green Park, St James’s Place has always maintained its reputation for attracting the gentry. With an average property price of £5.07 million, this street houses several Grade I/II properties, as well as listed bollards and street signs.

8. Eaton Square, Kensington & Chelsea

One of the largest squares in London, this garden square in Belgravia has large white-fronted terraced houses with 4 or 5 storeys, which sell for an average of £5.04 million.

9. Lancaster Gate, Bayswater

Lancaster Gate consists of two long terraces which overlook Kensington Gardens. Owners of these grand properties pay an average of £4.87 million for the privilege.

10. Blenheim Crescent, Kensington & Chelsea

Located off Ladbroke Grove in the trendy district of Notting Hill, Blenheim Crescent completes the top ten with an average house price of £4.8 million.

London is a world class city and enjoys a global appeal to the world’s super-rich, and these ten streets make up the most desirable, and most expensive, properties in the capital.

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