Saturday, September 25, 2021

Guide: How to Furnish a Rented Property

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Knowing what furniture to buy for a rental property can be difficult, as you won’t necessarily know what your tenants’ taste will be or what items will be most suitable for their needs. That’s why I’ve put together some tips on what furnishings to get for your rental house or flat – read on to find out more.

Keep it neutral

When you’re letting out a property, you won’t know who will live there in the future. Therefore, it is a good idea to keep your furnishings as neutral as possible – this isn’t the time to unleash your interior designer or fill the house or flat with furniture you would like in your home.

Do not get furnishings that are too modern or vintage-looking, but pick standard items in non-offensive colours that most people will like. This will encourage more people to consider your property as somewhere to rent, as they can see themselves in it and feel inspired to put their own personal touch on the décor.

Keep it functional

If you’re trying to market your property to as many people as possible, don’t forget to buy practical furniture. There’s no point spending money on fancy nested tables or wall art, as this will deter anyone who has their own pieces of small furniture. Instead, keep your furniture minimal, but useful – make sure your unit has a double bed, wardrobe, drawers, a sofa, and a dining table and chairs.

Prospective tenants will be reassured that they don’t have to furnish the entire flat, but it is wise not to put too much furniture in the property, as it will make it appear cluttered and a lot smaller than it is.

Think of your market

When deciding how to furnish your property, don’t forget to keep your target market in mind at all times. If you’re letting to students, make sure you put in appliances that will be useful to them – such as plenty of seats for a sociable environment. Alternatively, if you’ve got a professional let, choose dining furniture and ample storage space, as they are more likely to have dinner guests and need more space for their belongings.

Just remember to think minimalistic when choosing furniture for your rental property, while also pick items that will compliment a number of different interior decorating looks – enabling your tenants to put their own spin on the furnishings.

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