Saturday, September 25, 2021

Ironing The Facts Out

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When it comes to property, its also useful to understand technology in the home environment. Let talk about house work, since the 1950’s there always been a gender divide where there is an association of housework and women, time have moved on but has the gender divide? This is the same for property and investments:

Men have savings and investment pots £5,000 bigger than women, while just a quarter of females would invest in shares

The following infographic talks about the History of Ironing and Ironing Boards, spanning over 2000 years before we even had property for investment and crossing the globe, from China, Scandinavia and then the west, Ironing is an essential part of living.

Modern Ironing

Since the 1950’s Women have be known to carry out more housework than their male counterparts.

Patterns of housework have changed only slightly. More than eight out of 10 women born in 1958 said they do more laundry and ironing than their partner, while seven out of 10 women born in 1970 agreed. –

Even in 2015 the equality of Ironing has changed that much with:

  • 45% of Women Ironing.
  • 14% of Men.
  • 14% both Men and Women.

However when we take a broad spectrum of households we find that 27% don’t even pick up an Iron, and 7/10 of the remaining households only Iron what must be done.

Would you pay for ironing?

It’s fair to say that for the majority of us Ironing is a chore and that is backed up by surveys revealing 45% of us would happily pay for someone to do our Ironing for us. That’s probably because 64% of us have burnt at least one item of clothing whilst doing the ironing.

Why is Ironing Important?

When it comes to employment 81% of office based businesses have smart of formal attire as a dress code. In fact 35% of Employers will discipline staff if the dress code was not adhered to, but more importantly is what you wear to an interview of sales meeting.

37% of Bosses said they have decided against hiring an applicant because of the way they were dressed, a poll showed that the No.1 annoyance was an “Unironed Shirt”, it’s safe to say that Ironing is an important part of everyday life.

Extreme Ironing

Ironing is considered a chore “a tedious but necessary task”, in 1997 a group of individual looked to change this by inventing “Extreme Ironing”, this was simply taking a task which is perceived dull or boring and mixing it with an extreme sport, this combination went worldwide with 2002 the first extreme Ironing World Championships taking place, an example of extreme ironing which has taken place is:

  • Sky Diving
  • Water Ski-ing
  • Rock Climbing
  • Diving

If you would like to know more the team at Minky Ironing Boards have developed an detailed Infographic covering the above, so if you’re getting bored with your household chores think about how you could add a little spice to them.



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