Saturday, September 25, 2021

Seven Secrets To Investment Success

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Investing is a risky business by definition. Without risk, high returns are very unlikely, but the difficulty is finding investments which carry some risk, but are more likely to deliver sound returns. It’s easy to get caught out by misleading promises. These seven secrets to investment success will help avoid disaster.

Find a suitable property investment

In the UK it sometimes seems that everyone is a property investor, but we’re not just talking about sprucing up the family home for sale, or letting out a second home. One great tip is to find locations which have the highest growth potential – places where employment is increasing, up and coming areas. Buy there to unlock the value of property and forget about sluggish areas.

Try some overseas property investment

If it is hard to find suitable properties in the UK, many savvy investors are choosing to look further afield. Again, look for locations with two key factors: 1) stability and 2) growth potential. Forget about established tourist destinations. Places like Morocco or Costa Rica could be ideal.

Opt for a renewable energy investment

One area of the economy which is bound to grow in future is renewable energy, so get involved and realise some remarkable returns. One great way to join the fray is via crowd sourced renewables projects such as biogas or solar plants. In this way, you can share some of the risk and still invest in an up and coming area of the economy. Mosaic is a promising option.

Invest ethically for peace of mind and security

Ethical investment is a real trend at the moment, but it has a reputation for delivering smaller returns. There is no reason for this though, as ethical investments can be highly remunerative. By putting money into ethical investment funds, you can spread the risk and support businesses which give something back. The companies that you invest in may also be better run, and have more longevity than conventional firms.

Find a market-beating tax-free investment

One of the pitfalls for any investor is dealing with the taxman. Capital gains tax applies to most investments, and it can cripple your returns. But what if tax-free investment can be secured? Well, it can. Put your money in a long-term ISA (Individual Savings Account) and benefit from tax-free interest payments. Go for an Investment ISA to link your cash to stocks and shares for even higher returns, all tax-free.

See the woods for the trees with a forestry investment

It may sound less than romantic, but you can also make some serious money by investing in forestry projects. Wood makes money in international markets, and can deliver surprising returns. A great suggestion is to participate in the issue of shares in Malaysian teak plantations. Check that they are sustainably run before investing, and seek some advice about the reputation of the firm. Most of the time, these are great investment opportunities.

Go green and make some money as well

One of the most satisfying investments is a green investment, which both makes you money and helps to save the planet. These days, there are many ways to invest your money with an eye to the environment. Why not put some money in green energy firms that are quoted on the London Junior Stock Exchange, such as Good Energy? Take a look at the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) to see what is available.

With these seven handy tips, it should be possible to find a safe and exciting way to invest your money. Whether you are an entrepreneurial environmentalist or a property expert, there are hundreds of ways to make money, but not all of them are as secure as these.

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