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Summer 2014 Travelling Tips

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Summer holidays are so much fun and give us the chance to rest, recuperate and revitalise. Planning a vacation can be quite stressful though, especially if you have a tendency to leave things to the last minute. Get the most out of your holiday and be sure to plan it way ahead of time and make use of online travel websites, to keep abreast of deals on airline tickets and hotels. Online reviews can help you decide upon where to stay and what to do, while away. Packing light is always advisable as are essential travel items, like hand sanitizer, zip loc bags and portable Dvd players. Small details like these help make your travel experience more enjoyable.


Secure deals for flights and hotels online

The internet is a valuable research tool and can really be of use when looking for cheap tickets, for your flight. You have access to a wide variety of travel websites, to compare ticket prices, or you can go directly to airline sites, to make your purchase. It’s always a good idea to be flexible, when it comes to booking your inbound and outbound dates. Friday and Sunday departure flights tend to be pricier than other days during the week. Hotels offer a range of deals, for early bookings too, so be sure to use this to your advantage.


Check out online hotel reviews

If you have a specific hotel in mind, it’s a good idea to check out online reviews, to see how past customers rate it. Photos of hotel rooms and suites are usually published, with the reviews, on selected websites, as are recommended tourist attractions. Learn about restaurants, museums, bars and stores, in the location you intend to visit. Personal reviews share the good, the bad and the ugly, so you’re more likely to receive a balanced and unbiased view. Check the dates of reviews, to make sure they are current and still apply.


Be creative with your holiday wardrobe

To avoid excess baggage costs and also prevent yourself from becoming flustered, at the airport, it’s a good idea to pack light. There is a strategic art to this, which involves the mixing and matching of neutral and colourful separates. This way, you’ll have a wide variety of outfit combinations to choose from. Shoes take up lots of space, so pack no more than 3 pairs. Sandals, plimsolls and evening shoes should suffice. Invest in wrinkle free garments too, so you can roll and scrunch them up, without having to concern yourself with ironing once you arrive. Ziploc bags can replace bulky toiletry cases and you’ll be thankful you packed your cosmetics in them while going through security.


Enjoy the plane ride

If your plane ride is going to be a long one, make sure you reserve your seat online, as soon as you get the chance to do so. Hand sanitizer is a must, when travelling, especially while on the plane. After using the bathroom, wash your hands and then use your hand sanitizer. If you have a young child with you, a portable DVD player is a good idea. They’ll be entertained with their favorite DVD’s, during long flights.


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In case of lost baggage and passports

Lastly take a snap of your suitcases and airline baggage tags, just in case they get lost. They’ll be easier to locate this way. Also, scan your passport identity page and carry the copy with you. If you lose your passport while abroad, the replacement process will be easier to complete.


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We would like to thank Paul Gray for his tips on this article. Paul Gray is an experienced travel blogger. He tries to help people during their travels or if they are to travel. He writes articles on travelling tips to best destinations to go. You can see in his recent work for Alta vista property Marbella.


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