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Top Destination For Your Dream Home: Thoughts And Ideas

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Take a deep breath and calm down – the decision to invest in a property and finding a one to do so should not rob you of your everyday happiness. Agreed, buying a dream home can cause occasional stress and frazzled nerves owing to the sheer number of variables that are needed to be pondered about, but, thankfully, you have experts to guide you in almost every step of the way. So, let us together make the journey as pleasurable as possible, or at least as much as the destination itself, the dream house.

A Dream House

What is your definition of a dream house? Do you love being very close to nature or amid the heart of a bustling city? Are you interested in buying a classical mansion, rustic stone house or a swanky apartment? Would you enjoy this private space alone or in company of your spouse, children or other family members? What is the inspiration behind your decision of buying a home for yourself? Is it because you are tired of hopping from one rented flat to another all your life, having some expendable amount of money to invest in, want to cash in on your property in future by selling it or need an abode of peace in your old age? Apart from the house / apartment itself are the surrounding area, community, shopping and other facilities appeal to you? Have you taken into account all the costs involved pre, during and post purchase of the house? Please consider giving enough attention to formulate an answer for each of these questions. For, these aspects will decide whether your dream house will prove to be an uninterrupted fantasy or turn to a nightmare in near future.


You will be spoilt for choices if you start thinking of the possible destinations to set up your dream abode. However, there are certain places which remain an all-time favourite irrespective of the condition of the real estate market. Cities like London, Paris, New York and Frankfurt fall into that category. Swiss cities of Geneva, Zurich, Basel and Davos in a very different way, remain a constant favourite among prospective buyers. If city life is not to your taste or you are thinking of buying a second home away from the hustle and bustle of a city then traditional as well as upcoming markets will beacon you. French Riviera is a glamorous yet an alluring place to set up a home. Properties in Monaco might be illogically expensive, yet, it never seems to go out of fashion. You can never ignore Tuscany. The real estate market in Spain is creating quite a buzz. Malaga or Majorca opportunities for buying a dream home with a view of the sea galore.

The strong economy and infrastructure of Germany always interest buyers. Austria would appeal to those who love calmness mixed with architectural opulence. Czech Republic, Hungary and other East European countries have also started courting prospective property owners. British Virgin Islands do not fall behind either. On the other side of the Atlantic, California and Florida continue to be crowd favourite. Far east, China is opening doors to the real estate investors. Hainan Island is seeing an upsurge in real estate investment. Even considering the occasional unrest, Middle East is another place where home buyers go in search of luxury and warmer climate. Places like Dubai and Abu Dhabi top the chart. For specialties like ranches do look forward to setting up home in Texas, Montana or even Turkey. Modern and elegant ski resorts could be located in Scandinavia or Northern Italy, Switzerland and France. Use online tools, classified columns of newspaper or visit the offices of the agents to complete your primary research and narrow down your search before actually starting the house hunting.

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