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Top Locations For Investment Around The World

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In recent years real estate investing has become a lucrative option even for someone who is really not a seasoned investor. For example, if you own two houses, one of which you frequent only during holidays, you may think of letting it out on rent for the rest of the year and be rewarded handsomely by this method. At the very least, you will be able to earn enough to offset the costs of maintenance, taxes etc. from such an investment. And, if you are thinking of buying houses solely for the purpose of investment then consider the world to be your ‘oyster’. However, this oyster will produce lustrous pearls only if cultivated in appropriate environment. So, we will look around the world in search of locations that may prove to be ideal places of real estate investment. Before, going into that though, let us consider the advantages of putting your money on properties in the hope of present and / or future gain.

A Brief Discussion on the Advantages of Real Estate Investment

Your property will pay you back in two ways – you may earn considerable amount from renting out your property to prospective tenants or for commercial purposes and all the while you gain money from these transactions your property will go up in value in the market under certain circumstances. Needless to say, there are certain conditions for extracting these benefits. For instance, the economy, infrastructure, probability of the area being developed as a centre of business or holiday etc. have significant impact on the possibility of your earning profit from the investment. Investment on real estate can also prove to be a tax efficient proposition. Let us look then on the current trends to find out the top locations for real estate investment.

Worthwhile Locations for Real Estate Investment

The eyes of investors are focussed on Asia at the moment.

Said Samuel Edwards of Altavista Property – Traditional sites like Hong Kong and Shanghai still continue to hold their positions on the top of the chart. This is much like the prominent cities of the other parts of the world, including London, New York and Paris, which hardly ever go out of vogue in the real estate market. Mumbai, India is another place for such investments. The already high prices of property show an ever increasing trend there. Queensland, Perth, Melbourne and Sydney among other places of Australia are most attractive locations for real estate investors. If you shift your focus to Middle East, you will find opportunities galore in United Arab Emirates. Spain is creating lot of noise in the real estate market. Do check thoroughly the resale values of your properties a decade down the line in such places as Malaga and Majorca in Spain. Italy, particularly Tuscany, has started to be considered a treasured location for investment. Properties in major cities in Germany always yield great value when it comes to earning from rent. The high mobility of a large chunk of native Germans make them disinterested in buying permanent homes. So they prefer staying in rented accommodations. There is a large community of expatriates in the country who also seek rented apartments or houses. Switzerland has always been a dream location for investors. Cities of Geneva, Basel and Davos and cantons like Ticino are thriving locations for investing on properties. On the other side of the Atlantic, Vancouver, Toronto of Canada and California, Florida of US steals the hearts of the investors. Texas is also not far behind in this regard. Mexico and Ecuador are increasing their value in real estate market. Before investing in any one place, do not ignore doing your research properly. Avoid places that are over-hyped, currently under developed without any concrete plan of future advancement. And, learn to be patient, for real estate investment is not at all a get-rich-quickly scheme.

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