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Top Spanish Holiday Destinations 2014

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Sun, sand, sea and probably a bit more sun are the order of the summer, as people are jetting away for what is widely seen as the most popular holiday month of the year. Whilst most holidaymakers will already have booked their summer vacations, there is still time to book a last minute trip to warmer climes, and with Spain one of the most sought after locations for a holiday in the sun, here are the top 5 places to holiday in Spain this year.


Madrid has recently undergone a period of intense renovation which has seen it transformed from a historic city with many dilapidated districts to a modern city that retains its historical roots and important status as one of Europe’s powerhouse capitals. What makes Madrid such a coveted destination is the city’s combination of youthful exuberance with it’s wide range of nightclubs and bars and it’s cultural significance, with more highbrow offerings of art museums, classy restaurants and the most fashionable of boutiques.


Barcelona is a surprisingly large city, but that is what makes it such a perfect place for a summer holiday. Home to some of the most highly regarded restaurants in the world, fantastic nightlife, and of course the world famous Barcelona Football Club (their Nou Camp stadium is definitely worth a visit), Barcelona is a city that really does offer something for everything. Barcelona is situated in the centre of Spain’s Catalonian region and therefore is a melting pot of culture. Traditional Spanish culture is mixed with the Catalonian history and foreign influence to create a vibrant atmosphere unlikely to be found in many other places on earth.


Due to the Balearic islands status as a global party hot spot, there’s probably not much to be said about Ibiza that you don’t already know. You really have to go to Ibiza to understand the true scale of the clubbing scene here, with the huge names of dance and house music playing massive headline slots to thousands of revellers pretty much every night during the summer months. If you are under the age of 30, chances are you have either been to Ibiza, are planning on going to Ibiza or are currently in Ibiza, such is the scale of the islands appeal. Literally thousands of party goers flock here every year, and despite its notoriety as an island of non stop partying, there is still much more than that to do here, with glorious beaches, warm oceans and a fantastic atmosphere.


Marbella is currently one of the hottest holiday destinations in Europe, and it is easy to see why. Situated on Spain’s eternally sunny Costa del Sol, Marbella is a year round paradise for those looking for a spot of classy relaxation in the sun. Home to many of Europe’s rich and famous, nightlife is where Marbella really excels, clubs such as Puerto Banus are often graced by celebrity clientele, including massive names like Antonio Banderas and David Beckham.

Mark from AltaVista property Marbella says that Marbella is the excellent place to come if you’re looking for a luxury weekend away. Marbella is located at the base of the incredibly picturesque La Concha mountain, which rises over 1200m above sea level. With it’s slopes partially covered by the rare Pinsapos pine tree, this limestone giant adds a touch of magic to the landscape and is a truly breathtaking sight.

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