Saturday, September 25, 2021

UK Reaches Pinnacle of European Property Investment

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The UK has long been a thriving hub of property investment, and things are only getting better.

Attracting investors from all over the globe, Britain boasts a plethora of major European cities. London, Manchester and Liverpool all attract hordes of investors, many from Asia, keen to cash in on what is fast becoming the most profitable property investment market in the world.

Student accodomation like this one in Manchester is attracting investors from around the world

Experts now believe that the UK capital London, which has always been a hot market, is on the verge of becoming it’s own ‘superbubble’. Wynn Quonn, Chief Investment Analyst at Legado Associates believes that the 18% rise in property prices is similar to the boom of the “roaring ’20s” in the US.

London property’s current investability, is driving up prices across the country and has heavily contributed to the 1.9% rise in house prices nationally between January and February 2014.

Outside of London, investors are snapping up properties to rent and let, particularly in Manchester and Liverpool. The heavy student population of these cities means that there is always a steady supply of tenants, and with this unlikely to change any time soon, the time is right for buying this type of desirable property.

A unique mix of factors is now present in the UK which makes it an ideal market for potential investors. Rising prices, low cost of living and an abundance of tenants, particularly migrants and overseas students looking for cheap accomodation, mean that the boom is only going to continue.

Many banks and building societies are now offering buy-to-let mortgages, which means less cash is needed to purchase previously unobtainable property. Direct investment is not only an easier option, it might also be a safer one – according to the Telegraph, property companies are still valued at less than half of their 2007 peak, whereas the market is at it’s highest peak since 2008.

Many investors are now targeting new build properties,which guarantee an easy profit, upon completeion these types of developments are expected to deliver up to a 60% markup and can be sold on incredibly quickly, usually within 1 month of completion.

With a 19% rise in property sales in 2014, many experts advice would be to get in quick. Whilst there is a vast amount of property to invest in, overseas interest, particularly from Asia and Singapore is very strong.  David Cheong, Associate Director of RE/MAX Singapore says that “With guaranteed rental yield assurance, better pricing relative to local markets, low interest rate and little fluctuation in foreigner investment policies, I think UK properties will continue to be attractive.”

Both commercial and residential properties are affected by this boom and office space in London is becoming a prime target for investment. With a wide array of premises and desireable locations, it really is the right time to invest in the UK property market.


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